Little eden children's home, kenya

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In 2015 the mission team was honored to be able to go to Kenya to help out with Mike Eden Ministries at Little Eden Children's Home. The team assisted with various projects including construction and administrative setup. We enjoyed spending time with the children and worshiping with their church family. In 2016 we had the pleasure of going back a second time, please be in prayer for our 2017 mission.

Video from 2016 Trip:

Pictures from 2015 Trip:

Dulce, NM

Our 2013 trip to the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation in Dulce, NM to help out Dulce Baptist Church with vacation bible school, various church and parsonage repairs, fellowship and Sunday night meal.

Please continue to pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Dulce... 

2 Chronicles 7:14

 Dulce Baptist Church, Dulce, NM. 

Dulce Baptist Church, Dulce, NM.